braiding wire SUS 304V (flat)


The ultra-fine flat wire used as braiding reinforcement to enhance the torque response, kink resistance, steering and push-ability of medical tubing.  The thin wire is advantageous for reducing the tubing wall thickness.  KT Medical‘s flat rolling technology ensures the wire has the most precise dimensions and stable tensile throughout the entire bobbin, making the nonstop and fast braiding job possible.  Applications include: catheters and braided tubes.


Material: SUS 304V

Tensile: spring tempered

Package: 30mm Steeger bobbin (color: WHITE)

Wire length per bobbin: 5,000 ft (for .001″x.003″ and .002″x.005″) / 2,500 ft (for .003″x.007″)

Order Unit: Set (8 bobbins per set)

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Thickness x Width

.001 in x .003 in, .002 in x .005 in, .003 in x .007 in